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Related post: Message-ID: Newsgroups: From: (....Mercury....) X-Anonymously-To: Organization: Anonymous forwarding service Reply-To: Date: Tue, 11 Jul 1995 08:55:12 UTC Subject: Rememberances (repost? bisexual M/M, M/F) Lines: 628o o More of the good stuff from o o .... M e r c u r y .... o o This story is dedicated to my cyberlover, young thai porn Mars! o oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o o nacked young girls MERCURY & MARS o young naturist ru o One night, the planet Mars, o Bored of wanking amidst the stars, o Tawny amber young Took off from his accustomed place o In route 'round the Sun through space o young teen 11yo o To meet a likewise inclined planet o For making love (that's how he planned it). o young perteen fre First he tried the closest, Earth-- o Rumored gay, for what that's worth. o o Though Earth was known as Gaia, o Mars found it not quite petite young art gay-a, o And squelching finally any mirth, o young russian virgin A Dowdy Mother, tired old Earth. o o Mighty Mars, his pace now hastened o To find his mate 'fore being chastened. o He propositioned stormy Venus, o Reciting Poetry (and stroking penis). o o Venus, although female, proved o From love's ardour quite removed o And Mars despite her charming power o Found her tempestuous and sour. o o Almost colliding with the Sun, o (Had he, the story would be done) o Mars discovered none glleries young kindersex other than he: o The quick and hot one - Mercury. o o Mercury in a.s.s we know o Has forever ruled the show o By posting more erotic story o Than Penthouse's Bob Guccione. o o The mass of Mercury and Mars o Caused gravity waves felt from afar o free russians young Together they could bend the light o Or firework the darkest night. o oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o o Notes : o o 1. I did not write this story free youngteentube porn and do not know who did. o 2. If you're a biW/A m/f 18-24 looking for friends, write. o REMEMBERANCES I am not a writer, or at least I don't think of myself as one. I have not lived a very exciting life, or at least I don't believe it's been very exciting. I have had several very exciting sexual encounters in my life however, and that is the purpose of these stories. If you like them, let me know. If you don't, keep that to yourself. I have several gay experiences and several straight ones. There is even an occasional bi-sexual young tiny sex experience. I will write each one separately and they will all be available to young breast galleries anyone who cares to have them. This one , REMEMBERANCES - NUMBER 1 , relates my very first gay experience. I was eighteen years old, and a senior in high school. I only attended school for a half a day in my senior year, having taken as many extra courses as was permitted. There was an adult movie theatre in town (in those days they showed the old "nudie cuties" but they were very young breasts exciting to an eighteen year old with a perpetual erection. I used naturism young couples to go to the theatre every thursday afternoon, the day the new features started. I would sit in the theatre, watch all I could stand and then jack-off two or three times before catching the bus home. Pretty standard behavior young teen free for a teen-ager but still very exciting. One particular afternoon I was watching a film allegedly about nurses, and some janitor young teen kiddy at the hospital who had a way of catching them in the nude. A real farce now, but bold for the times. I was sitting in my usual seat, a couple of seats in from the end of the row almost down front. I had discovered that you could do anything there young porn youngporn without being seen. Actually they probably didn't care what anyone did but I did young incest cartoon not realize that until much later in life. Any of you who have ever been to a theatre of this type knows what the bathroom looked like. It had a urinal and a stall. There was a hole in the wall of the stall, between the toilet and the urinal. I really had no idea of the purpose of the hole and often wondered how it got there. There was always someone in the stall, but I never felt the need to sit down in there anyway so I paid very little attention until I started reading the writing on the wall. "Show hard for blow job", "Stick hard through hole for blow job" , "Man in back row will suck your dick, just show hard" all the usual writing. This particular afternoon I was fresh young dolls very horny as the movies finally started showing sex acts "simulated" and this was almost too much for an eighteen year old boy to watch. youngest illeagel pussy I was standing at the urinal, with a hard-on, trying to piss. I glanced at the hole in the wall and saw lips and tongue at the hole. The tongue was licking the lips. Then the lips opened in a round shape. Believe it or not, I did not know what this meant but I almost blew my load just watching this mouth on the other side of the wall. I could not go, so I lit a cigarette and smoked it as I walked around in the bathroom. My hard-on eventually went down, youngest fuck videos then I was able to piss and leave the bathroom. The sight of that mouth never left my mind. I went back to my seat and waited for someone else to go into the restroom. Finally an "old man" , he must have been all of thirty but that was old to me then, went in. He had been in young latina portal there for about five minutes when I decided to go back in. I had an idea now what the mouth and writing had in common. I opened the door very carefully and went in. This man was turned topless young angels to the wall, with his dick stuck through the hole, and breathing very hard. I coughed and he turned around, come shooting from his dick. I apologized and fled. Now I knew "for sex movies youngest sure" what the hole was for and I couldn't wait for my turn to stick my dick through the hole. It was not to be that afternoon though. I returned to my seat and took out my dick and softly stroked it. I had to do it softly because I didn't want to come yet and if I had been the least bit frantic about it young pretteen pic I would have shot my load. very young freeporn As I watched the screen and gently stroked my dick, a black boy about my age sat down right next to me. I was caught ! I was going to jail and there was nothing I could do ! I lost my erection immediately but could not close my pants without this person seeing me and turning me in. I was in a total state of panic and trying very frantically to figure out what to do young sveta nastya next, all the while afraid to move. I kept my eyes glued to the screen, afraid to even look in his direction. After what seemed like hours ,probably ten minutes, a hand touched my leg. I figured it was by accident and I certainly did not want to call attention to it so I continued to stare at the screen. This was apparently taken as a signal that it was alright because the hand moved youngest cuties up my leg to my dick which immediately rose to full (6") erection. The hand was cool and smooth and knew exactly what to do. I turned and saw, for the first time, young naturalists awards a very handsome black teenager sitting next to me. He was about my size, 5`10 and 135 lbs. He had a nice even smile and a very sincere look on his face. He smiled at me and reached his hand inside my pants to caress my balls. He turned back to the movie and continued to stroke my dick, which was about to burst. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket, placed it over the head of my young perves dick and masturbated me to climax. It took all of about ten seconds, as He knew it would. When I was completely drained he removed young sucking cock the handkerchief and slid to the floor in front of the seat. He took my young boys imageboard dick in his mouth and cleaned it off, placed it in my pants, zipped them up, kissed my dick through the pants and went into the bathroom. I could not believe what had just happened, but I wanted it to happen again. I watched the movie with one eye and the bathroom door with the other. He finally came back out and sat back down next to me. We watched the film for a while together and then I had to go to the bathroom. As I stood up he asked if I would be back, I said yes and headed for the bathroom. I went to the urinal and lit a cigarette. I pissed and stood against the wall, finishing my cigarette when my new "friend" entered the bathroom. He looked in the stall, which of course was occupied, and then came over to me. He asked me if I was enjoying the movie and I said sure. We talked about it being so different from the movies that we used to see. He seemed so very calm, as if nothing had happened between us. I couldn't believe how calm, but I was getting another hard-on just remembering his mouth on my dick. He glanced down and saw my pants beginning to stick out. He reached out and stroked the front of my pants and said let's go back and watch the movie. We walked out of the bathroom and back to our seats. As soon as we were seated he unzipped my pants and freed my hard dick. He stroked as we watched. In a minute he was back down on the floor. He licked the shaft and head, pulled my balls out and licked and kissed them. He really had me excited. Then his mouth swallowed the entire shaft and I exploded. Not just came. Exploded ! He swallowed and sucked, ever so gently. It was, without question, the greatest feeling in my young kinky sex entire life and I will remember it forever. It was the first of many different experiences in the movie theatre, but that's another story.Loaner-Tx young boob REMEMBERANCE #2 THE GLORY HOLE After my experiences in Adult Theatres, related in Rememberance #1, I became a constant customer. There were three adult theatres in my home town, so it was three afternoons a week for me to see the "real thing". I stumbled across something even better one afternoon when I was downtown. The Adult Book Store. This was an entire new world to me. I had seen "Girlie Mags" of course, had several at home under the old mattress. Many an evening spent looking and stroking, but that's another story. Here was an entire array of every possible sex act, in "living color". The most fascinating thing was the movie room, those arcade machines that ate quarters and showed you the most adult movies anywhere. Adult book stores eventually replaced adult theatres for me because there were new and different movies almost daily, and the booths were private and excellent for jacking-off undisturbed. It was not until several years later, when I moved to Austin that I discovered the ultimate adult book store. I don't remember the real name but I came to know it as "The Glory Hole". My first trip to this store still ranks among my most memorable experiences. When I first entered "The Glory Hole" I was amazed at the number of very professionally done "Gay" magazines that were for sale there. Of course, there were plenty of "Straight" books and magazines, including "Swedish Erotica" which caught young russian nudist my attention as the most graphic magazine I had ever seen. There was something else that really caught my eye. An entire separate building within a building, housing kiddy young approximately 50 movie booths, with maybe 10 or 15 devoted solely to young 16yo fuck "Gay" movies. I had never, in my life, seen a "gay" movie. This was to be a tremendous experience for me. Armed with a tremendous anticipation, and $5.00 in quarters, I went about viewing the "Gay" movies. The first thing I noticed upon entering a booth was the hole between the booths, a crudely cut hole about 3" across and about 30" from the floor. Even to the uninitiated the reason for this hole was very apparent. After viewing my first "Gay" movie I had a tremendous erection. It was a very basic "Locker Room" type movie, with people sucking all over the place but, never having seen this before, it was tremendously exciting. When I exited the booth I still had a tremendous erection that, while not being all that well endowed, was still clearly visible. This was when I noticed the other people standing around the booths. They watched as each person exited, apparently looking for erections. I walked around, obstensibly trying to make up my mind which movie I wanted to see but, actually wanting my erection to be noticed. A young man about 18-19 years old appeared most interested but made no real effort at contact, He just watched me everywhere I went. I finally "decided" which movie to see next, went in and put in my quarter. I heard the door on the next booth close and lock, and through the hole saw the light from the machine come on. I don't remember which I paid more attention to, the light through the hole or the movie that I was paying for. The light from the other booth disappeared and it took me a minute to realize why, but suddenly there were eyes at the hole. This was what I thought I wanted but I was unsure of exactly what should happen next. I had an erection and my hand was touching my hard cock through my trousers, the eyes never left the hole or my hand. I turned my body slightly toward the hole to assure that those eyes had a good view of the action in the booth. They were there, watching, never leaving my hand or my hard cock. I decided that I would have to force the issue so I slowly unzipped my pants and freed my hard cock. It felt exciting and a littlescary, which added to the excitement. I started to very slowly stoke my cock, all the while watching the eyes at the hole. I had to be very careful because I did not want to come in my own hand. I had other "places" in mind for that. My heart dropped as the eyes left the hole. The light went out in the next booth. After what seemed like a long funlumpkins young babies time, probably only young erotica fifteen seconds the light went back on and the eyes young kiddie nude returned to the hole, but this time they looked up at my face and saw me looking down at the hole. If there had been any doubt as to my awareness of his watching, it was over now. He knew the show was intentional and directed at him. The eyes were replaced by the mouth, open and inviting. I turned towards the hole and put my cock into the mouth on the other side. It was exquisite. A deep sucking motion with tongue swirling the tip. I held back and enjoyed the sensations. My quarter ran out. Without moving my cock I placed another quarter in the machine, totally unaware now of what movie, if any, was playing. The sensation in my cock became so intense that I could not hold back any longer. I came with a massive force, maybe the most intense climax of my entire life. He never missed a stroke, just sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed. After he had drained me completely my cock slipped back through the hole and the mouth, smiling, pulled away. I was not certain exactly what would happen next. I put my cock away, dropped another quarter in the machine and waited to see or hear anything that would tell me what was to come. I did not have long to wait. The most beautiful cock I have ever seen, before or since, came through the hole. Now what ? I was a passive partner, up until now. young money ent I had no "Gay" experience. I certainly had never had a cock in my mouth, although I must confess that the thought had crossed my mind. I had spent a lot of time, since the theatre experience, wondering what it would be like to suck a cock. I had thought that, if the right time and the right cock ever came along, I might try it. Now here I was with what young manga porn looked like the "right" cock and what might even be the "right" time. Let me take a moment to describe the "right" cock. Mine is about 6" long and maybe 2" around when erected. Not exactly a mighty spear, but it serves the purpose. This one must have been at least 10" long and it was all it could do to fit through the hole. It was cut, as is mine, and perfectly straight, and as hard as anything I have ever seen. It was beautifully pink all the way from the hole to the violent purple tip. In a word it was perfect. I did not know exactly what to do next, but I was determined to do Asian girl young something. I reached for this young boys masturbation xxx young ru beautiful cock, which was both extremely hot and incredibly smooth. The thing that I remember most about this cock, other that it's great beauty, was how smooth the skin was. When my hand touched the cock young boys video it leaped. Not just young ebony pussy jumped, leaped. I could feel that he was on the sexy very young verge of a major climax of his own. The time of decision had arrived. I don't know why, but I could not put that beautiful cock in my mouth. I guess years of "straight" upbringing just got in the way. I was, however, determined that I would cause and witness his climax. I stepped to the side and put both my hands around his cock and rolled them back and forth until he came. His come shot the wall across from the hole, and he came forever. I have never seen that much come at once in my life. I continued to roll my hands and he continued to come. It was a truly remarkable experience for me. I had made another man climax and I felt no shame or remorse. When He had finished coming he slid his beautiful cock back through the hole. I erotic young girl heard his zipper and the door. Then he was gone. In a second there was a knock on the door to my booth, I opened it and there he stood. He entered quickly and closed the door. He smiled at me and thanked me for jacking him off. I apologized for only using my hands. He said not to worry, he understood. He must have understood because in the many times we met after that he never asked me suck his cock, although I would always bring him to a climax by hand. He told me to put another quarter in the machine, that we would watch together. His presence in the booth added to the hard that I had from stroking his cock. My condition was obvious and you could tel that Bobby, that was his name, was pleased and interested. As I watched the men on the screen I felt bobby's hand on my cock. He also watched the screen as he gently stroked me. His hand went young prteen porn to my belt buckle, he loosened that and undid the clip and zipper. Nicleyoung naked cheerleaders He lowered my pants and reached inside my jockey shorts to gently stroke my cock, he lowered my shorts and dropped to his knees. He pushed me close to the screen and knelt behind me. He started to kiss my ass and the back of my russian teen young legs as he reached around me and stroked my cock. His tongue found my asshole and he plunged it deep into me as he stroked my cock more aggressively. He knew I was about to climax. He grabbed my lower body, turned me around so that my cock was in front of his hungry mouth. As he took my cock into his mouth his finger massaged my asshole. As I started to come fee young porn he stuck his finger into my asshole. The sensation was incredible and I again had a violent climax, which he swallowed with ease. I did not realize that he young babies fucking had taken his own cock out until, as I climaxed, he stiffened and climaxed from his own manipulations. After he had sucked me completely dry and cleaned me with his mouth, he pulled up my shorts and slacks for me. He handed me a piece of paper with his name and phone number and told me to call him anytime I needed a good blow job. Then he was gone. It was not until then that I noticed the eyes at the hole ! REMEMBERANCES - NUMBER 3 THE BALCONY As previously noted there were three adult theatres in my home town when I was ls magazine young a senior in high school. This made it rather easy for me to spend many afternoons viewing adult movies, and looking for blow jobs. No sense in making any pretenses about it. After my first time, I was looking to get my dick sucked as often amateur young 12 as I could. There was one particular theatre which became my favorite, not young kids music only because I always managed to get sucked there, but because of the balcony. This theatre was built to be a grand theatre, and I am sure that prior to it's use as an adult movie house it had been the scene of all the great classics. It was beautifully furnished and decorated. It also had something that none of the other adult theatres had, A Balcony. This balcony was very nicely furnished, with large comfortable seats. It was set up in such a way that no matter young nude modles where you sat, you could see the screen. It was also very dark. Comfort and darkness were certainly it's most attractive features. young boys dick As became my custom, I would enter the theatre and immediately youngest nudist girls head for the restroom. I would read the "message wall" for any current dated messages from guys looking for a dick to suck. I would follow the directions to where they were seated and that was where I would sit and wait for the action to start. One memorable afternoon fuck young virgins the "message board" said show hard to guy in booth for blow job. No problem, I usually got a hard on the minute I entered the restroom (at eighteen, it don't take much !!). I glanced toward the booth (these booths were at a right angle to the urinals with the doors facing the urinals). Sure enough there was a face peeping through the crack beside the door. I turned my body slightly, to give the best possible view, the face smiled and disappeared. This was strange, not the usual come on, I waited a minute, no face appeared, so I zipped up amateur young pain and left. Maybe he didn't like my dick. I went up to the balcony. The back row, in the corner, was empty so that's where I decided to sit and watch for awhile. I watched the entire first feature (there were always three) before returning to the restroom. There were very few people in the theatre today and I thought that I might have to jack-off today. Oh well, it wouldn't be the first time and it did provide relief. When I returned to the restroom, the sign was still on the "message board" and the same face was peeping through the crack to see who had entered. I pissed and started to leave when I thought, what the hell, I stroked myself to an erection and turned to face the booth. There was that face and that smile but this time he spoke. "Where are you sitting ?". I told him and he said he would see me there later. I bought a coke and returned to my seat, which fortunately was still empty. The second feature had started and I pulled out my cock and started to watch the movie. I had gotten to the point that I always pulled out my cock when watching these movies. It was a good sign to anyone interested and it was much more comfortable. In a few minutes, the guy from the restroom came up and sat down next to me. We talked about the movie, not very good, and just pretended to watch. He didn't pretend to watch anything but my hard cock. Eventually he reached over and stroked it and asked me if I would fuck him in the ass ! Another first, no one had ever suggested that before and I wasn't altogether sure that I wanted to do that. I told him that I had never done that and wasn't sure that I wanted to. He asked me to think about it, and continued to stroke my hard cock. He told me to stand for a minute while he took my slacks and shorts off. Then I sat back down, bare assed, while he dropped to the floor in front of the seat. He put my legs over his shoulder and raised my ass off the seat. He started by tongueing my asshole, then nuzzling and kissing the area just below my balls. When he finally got to my cock he licked around the base and up and down the sides without actually taking it in his mouth. He continued these tactics, driving me crazy. Finally he sucked my cock into his mouth, but held it very still for a minute. He knew how close I was and he was in no hurry. This was incredible. The sensations were tremendous. I could feel incest young porn the come beginning to climb it's way to the top. Just as I was about to come he literaly swallowed my cock and worked the muscles to pull the come from me. It was fantastic. After amateur young download I came he returned to his seat and I continued to sit there with my pants off. He removed his own pants and began to stroke his own cock. He came in about 5 seconds and wanted no help from me (I offered to stroke it young preeteen modles for him). We both sat there awhile, naked, watching the movie. When he saw my cock starting to erect again he stroked it to full hardness. Again, he asked me to fuck him in the ass and again I explained that I had never done that before. As he continued to stroke my cock he assured me that I would enjoy it tremendously. young lebians At this point let me say that I had had sex with three girls by this time in my life and I liked pussy. He told me that it was just like pussy, petite young porn only better. I have always believed that if god made anything better than pussy he had kept it for himself, but I had decided to give this a try. AIDS was not even heard of back then, so I didn't have a disease concern, just not certain. I asked how we would go about this, younger nudist pics since there didn't appear to be enough room in the seats for that kind of activity. He stated that we young pic forums would stand and he would bend over the seat in front and I could just ram it in ! No way! I was not going to do that in the theatre. Too much chance of getting caught. He said not to worry and took me to the edge of the balcony. There, right beneath us, in the middle of the theatre were two guys, one bent over the seat with a dick up his ass. Incredible ! We returned to our seats and he knelt in front of me. He sucked my dick to it's full erection, left it very wet and turned around. He reached behind him and placed my dick against his asshole. All I had to do was push. I shoved it all the way home on the first stroke and I thought he would pass out, He really loved it. I must admit that it did feel very good. He had excellent control of his muscles and his ass hugged my dick like second skin. As I pumped in and out he moaned, louder and louder. I reached around and put my hand over his mouth to keep the noise down. After several strokes it did feel like pussy (not really better). As I came closer to climax he moved and groaned and moved and groaned. I must admit that I never fucked a girl that seemed to enjoy it that much. When I came, it was great. At the same time, he came all over the seat in front of him. He had not even touched himself and got his rocks off. I had never seen that before. When I removed my cock from his ass, he immediately turned around, went to his knees and began to suck my now soft dick with a tremendous intensity. At eighteen you can recover very fast. He knew that and he worked very hard. He wanted another shot in his mouth before he went on to someone else and I could not refuse him. He sucked, massaged my balls, and sucked some more. I could not hold back any longer, I gave youngest porn list him the shot that he wanted and I youngest little horny almost believe that he had tears in his eyes. Here was a guy doing something that he really loved. When he had finished this 3rd climax of mine, he said he was going back to the restroom. If I felt like it later, to come and see him again. He would be there all afternoon and every thursday. I knew I would not need to see him again that day but I also knew where I would spend my thursday afternoons.Loaner-Tx REMEMBERANCE - PART 4 THE SCHOOLMATE John was probably one of the best friends I ever had in school. Long before the things related in this story, we were best of friends. We were in the school band together, went everywhere together, spent the night at each other's house. We did everything that teenage boys do, together. As stated in story one, I had a very easy schedule in my senior year. I needed only one subject, Science, to graduate. Where I went to school you had to take four classes minimum. I had science, band, music appreciation young and tight and library assistant. Needless to say, a very tough schedule. John and I had library assistant together 3rd period. For those who are not aware of what library youngoldsexo assistants do, you catalog films and run projectors for teachers who show films during class. When there were no films to show, you spent your hour reviewing films, repairing them or just goofing off. The girls who took library worked in the library young boys virgins assisting the librarian. The boys never worked out in the library. We had a room where all the films, and equipment, were stored. It was set up so that we could show the films, check for breaks or just watch them. After my first experience with the adult theatre, I developed a real obsession with "Dirty Movies". I told John all about my trips there (well, not all, at least not at first). He told me that his father had some movies that he had brought back from France, after the war. He said they were great. He thought he could sneak one out of the house, and we could show it during our next free library period. young russian nymphs It was about a week later that we had a free period. John set up the film and we watched it. It was really a strange movie. The woman was dusting things around the perfect young nudes house when all of a sudden a masked man grabbed her from behind, tore off her clothes, forced her to suck his dick and then raped her. He never took off the mask, or his clothes. I have since heard that a lot of these were made this way, but at the time it was real exciting. Needless to say, I got real excited. When the movie ended, John turned on the light and looked at me. "You sure got hard" he stated. "Yes, I guess I did". He suggested that I jack-off. Not that "we" jack-off, but that "I" jack-off. This all petite young was a real strange request, but at first I didn't realize that he meant just me, so I undid the zipper and released my hard dick. I looked at John, waiting for him to release his, but he didn't. He just dropped to his knees, in front of me, and started to stroke my dick. I was shocked ! I had known John for years and never suspected that he was gay. He stroked my dick for a few seconds and asked if he could suck it. You can bet I let him, and in a very brief time filled his mouth with my hot come, which he swallowed and continued to suck until my dick was soft. He placed it in my pants, zipped them up and stood in front of me. He told me that he had wanted to do that for a long time, but had always been afraid that I would call him "queer" and hate him. I reached out, touched the front of his pants, and said that I did not hate him. He stepped back from me, and stated that he did not expect anything in return. He didn't want anything from me, except he wanted to suck me off anytime we had the chance. I was really shocked, as I had decided young russian kid that John was going to be the first dick that I sucked. I had already decided, while he was sucking me, that I wanted to try it with him. It never happened, in spite of the numerous times after that day that we spent together, he never allowed me to even see his dick, much less suck it. We still spent the night at each other's house, only now it took on a whole new meaning. I told John about the black guy at the theatre and he sucked me off. I told john about fucking the guy in the ass, and he sucked me off. It never mattered what we did, where we went, or anything else. It always ended the same, John would remove my pants and suck me off, as many times as I could stand. He loved for me to come in his mouth, he loved to swallow the come, and he loved to teens russian young hold very young panty my cock in his young tittie mouth until it was soft. I am still not sure that I understand about John, but I did find out how he got started. His father had started on him when he was a very little boy. He would take John's pants off and play with his little cock. 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